Elect Rina Redrup for Edmonds School Board

I would appreciate your vote! Please remember to vote by August 6th: All of Edmonds, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and parts of Bothell can vote for the Edmonds School District Board of Directors. The top two candidates for each position in the primaries will move onto the general election ballot in November.

Why I’m running: Ever since I taught kindergarten in public schools, I knew that I wanted to serve on the school board. I saw first-hand what happens when decisions are implemented without consideration for the students and teachers, and now I see it happening in schools here and I know we need to make a change. Along with my teaching experience, I also bring perspective from my five years of service as the President and Vice President of the Parent Resource Group at Meadowdale High School. All three of my children are Edmonds School District graduates, and during their time in the schools, I was a member of the associated booster clubs because I value the arts and sports programs in our public schools. I am currently a surgical nurse. I have Bachelors degrees in Economics, History, Early Childhood Education, and Nursing, as well as a Masters in Education—all of which I will use to aid my decisions on the school board. It is my goal for students of all backgrounds to realize their potential, and your vote can help me achieve it. Please vote for me and help promote my campaign by LIKING and SHARING my Facebook page: Elect Rina Redrup for Edmonds School Board.